New Superstar Doll!

Stardoll released a new doll this week, exclusively for Superstars. It's created after Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Muslim professional soccer player. I don't know much about him since he's from another country, but he has been voted the #4 best player in Europe, according to my research (a.k.a. Google his name).
What do you think of the new doll? Tell us in the comments and you can win a gift if you leave your username.


Advina said...
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Advina said...

Oh, I know him.
I think he's from Bosnia or Croatia.
And he is a pretty good player.
I'll show my dad the doll. Lol. He will be very surprised.


Courtsdiva97 said...

I got a bit bored dressing him up, but then again, I find that about all the males on stardoll. I am NOT [emphasised] NOT being sexest, but stardoll make the clothes.. well, boring basically. And I KNOW FOR A FACT I am NOT [E''d- again] NOT the only one that thinks so x
Im Courtsdiva97, Courtney, here again (: Lol xD

Jamie said...

... -___-'
It looks like Stardoll sacked the graphics team.
Or maybe they just picked this one out of their 2005 stash??

- Jamie // xcrazy_chickx

Anonymous said...

The mael dressups always seem more... blurgh!
Plus I have no clue who the hell he is :) maybe I'll google his name,lol (If I can spell it!)

blaire / shadow-4- said...

It looks kinda boring /: But then again, so do all the other guy dolls.