One item, two prices!

I didn't expect to find much on Stardoll after two hours of passing, juggling, and suicides at soccer practice today, but there was a bit of excitement injected to the mix. Has anyone seen the mix-up Stardoll created? They released the Hotbuys sweater twice, but with different names and prices. Seems to me like they're worrying a bit too much about getting items released on time, rather than remembering the simple things like prices and duplicates!

What do you think about this little Starplaza double-take? Tell us in the comments and win a gift (only if you're username is visible).


Jamie said...

I spotted that. If you check back now, Stardoll has, (Suprise, suprise) kept the more expensive one up.

-Jamie // xcrazy_chickx

dina1997 said...

I also noticed that. I was thinking about buying it today but since the more expensive one is up I'v changed my mind. Lol! I can't afford it!


Anonymous said...

I foresee even more glitches! Hmm maybe they'll be some free stuff?

blaire / shadow-4- said...

I have noticed that. It seems like they've been having several glitches lately ..

Anonymous said...

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